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Tech Tip Tuesday: Practice Sets in Google Classroom

Have you seen the new Practice Sets feature in Google Classroom? It can transform your existing content into engaging and interactive assignments for your students. You can use practice sets to automate grading, identify concepts that need review, and even to provide scaffolding. Learn more here: Practice Sets – a More Personal Path to Learning


I started my teaching career immediately after a December graduation, taking over for a teacher who had been fired mid-year due to poor classroom management. I was a whopping five years older than my students and I still have nightmares about my 5th-period class from that year. Twenty-seven years and two states later, I shifted from the classroom to the district level, supporting teachers as an Ed Tech Instructional Coach for Aurora Public Schools in Colorado. In my career, I’ve taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Computer Technology.

I’m passionate about equity, teaching, travel, and football – especially my beloved Longhorns and Broncos.

*Although I may mention the school district where I work, the opinions expressed within the pages of this site are wholly my own.