Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Classroom Rubrics

Giving students timely and meaningful feedback is one of the more time-consuming tasks for teachers. We know that meaningful feedback is a key driver in students’ willingness to correct their work and make progress towards mastery of a concept, but there really are only 24 hours in a day.

Google Classroom’s rubric feature can help!

You can create and re-use rubrics right from inside Google Classroom. You’ll save time, and at the same time, help your students understand what is required for the standard(s) being addressed.

Check out this video from Google to get started:

Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Classroom Add-Ons

Access more than 15 EdTech tools all with a single login with Classroom add-ons. Teachers can create engaging assignments, and even grade and review work from add-ons, while students can access the tools they need without having to worry about remembering extra passwords and navigating to external websites. Admins can set up each add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace for their district in just a few clicks, enabling teachers and students to use their favorite tools, without having to leave Classroom.

See more about Add-Ons here: