Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Classroom Rubrics

Giving students timely and meaningful feedback is one of the more time-consuming tasks for teachers. We know that meaningful feedback is a key driver in students’ willingness to correct their work and make progress towards mastery of a concept, but there really are only 24 hours in a day.

Google Classroom’s rubric feature can help!

You can create and re-use rubrics right from inside Google Classroom. You’ll save time, and at the same time, help your students understand what is required for the standard(s) being addressed.

Check out this video from Google to get started:

Tech Tip Tuesday: Grade Transferer

UPDATE: Sept 12, 2019: The huge response of teachers wanting to use this really cool extension to be more efficient and save their sanity has resulted in the need to update the extension. It is not currently available for download/install. The target date for the new and improved extension is Sept 20, 2019.

Ever since Google Classroom debuted, teachers have asked me if there is a way to import grades from Classroom to Infinite Campus. The answer has always been no. Until now. Enter Grade Transferer.

The Chrome extension Grade Transferer now makes it possible to transfer grades from Google Classroom to Infinite Campus, Genesis, Power Teacher Pro, and Aspen (MyFollett).

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