Tech Tip Tuesday: Quick Fix for “Dead” Chromebooks

When a Chromebook won’t turn on – even when plugged in – try this handy trick:

  1. unplug the Chromebook from power
  2. shut the lid of the Chromebook
  3. plug Chromebook back into power source
  4. open lid and wait 5 – 10 seconds without touching any keys

You’ll be surprised how many times this will result in the Chromebook rebooting and be completely back to normal!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Digital Citizenship Lessons

With the emphasis on everything and everyone being online these days, digital citizenship has never been more important. The wonderful folks at Common Sense Media make talking with your students about digital citizenship easy with their free, interactive, grade-leveled, and high-quality lesson plans. The topics are timely and high interest – everything from digital footprints to media literacy to relationships and cyberbullying. It’s everything any teacher would need – and talking about digital citizenship with students is something all teachers should be doing.

Check out their resources here: Digital Citizenship Lessons

Tech Tip Tuesday: Chromebook Acting Wonky?

Chromebooks are generally very reliable, but as with any electronic device, they can occasionally need a reset. If you’ve tried logging out and logging back in, and shutting down and restarting and problems still remain, it’s possible the issue is with a setting. Watch the video below to see how to quickly and easily reset a Chromebook.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Chromebook Quick Tips

Chromebooks are everywhere these days. At least, they are everywhere when it comes to in-the-classroom technology. They are fabulous tools, and they can do some pretty cool things – and even if you haven’t had a chance to explore all the keyboard shortcuts, I’ll bet your student have 🙂

Here are a few shortcuts that will save you some time and frustration as we head back to school with devices in student’s hands.

shift + ctrl + t

will open recently closed tabs – super handy if you just know that a student could not possibly find the outline assignment you just gave them to be that funny

ctrl + alt + z

if a student’s Chromebook starts talking unexpectedly, here’s how to get it to quiet down. This feature is great for accessibility, but if a student needs that support, a pair of headphones are worth the investment

ctrl + shift + refresh arrow

if a student’s screen is sideways or upside down, this particular key combination will solve the problem.