Tech Tip Tuesday: Copy Link to Highlight

Have you ever wanted to direct someone to a specific place on a webpage? If the page is longer than their browser window, it can be frustrating to tell them to scroll to the correct place – not to mention time-consuming.

Now there’s an easy way to send folks to a specific place!

In your Chrome browser, highlight the desired location, right-click on the highlight, and choose “Copy Link to Highlight.” Share that copied link and your users will be able to quickly navigate to the exact place you want them to see.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Tab Grouping in Chrome

Do you often have 10+ tabs open in your browser? Open tabs can really suck the life out of your browser’s memory – and make everything run slower. But maybe you need those tabs open because you’ve got what seems like a million projects to work on…

Tab grouping in Chrome to the rescue!

Now you can group your tabs together in ways that makes sense to the work you are doing, give that group a name and a color, and then collapse the group when you’re not working on that particular project. De-clutters your view, makes it easier to find the particular tab you need, AND when tabs are grouped and collapsed, they don’t steal precious resources from your browser’s memory!

Here’s How:

  1. Right-click on a tab, choose “Add tab to new group”
  2. Create a group name that makes sense and choose a color
  3. Right-click another tab that belong in that group and choose “Add tab to group” and then choose the correct group name
  4. Once you’ve added all the tabs that belong in that group, click on the colored tab you created to collapse. Click on the tab again to expand.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Screencast Video for Teachers

I’ve been meaning to write this tip for a while now. With the pandemic raging and schools closing – at least temporarily – it seems like a good time to get this posted.

Teachers will need ways to connect with students while leading remote learning. One quick and easy way to communicate is through the use of screencast videos.

My favorite free tool for this is the chrome extension Screencastify. it’s easy to use, saves automatically to your Google Drive and integrates with Google Classroom and YouTube. From now until April 30, they are offering their “Unlimited” plan for free to educators. The Unlimited plan has advanced editing, unlimited length recordings, and other cool features. To get the code and see how to upgrade, watch the video below.

How to Get Started

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