I’ve Always Loved the Promise of New School Supplies

There are two – and only two – things I enjoy shopping for: groceries and school supplies.

I love the promise of a new notebook, different color pens, and a new organizer. Maybe a super-sweet new lesson plan organizer. Like a New Year’s fresh start without the hangover, school supplies come interwoven with new plans for better <whatever you’re working on this year>.

It’s not unlike this blog.

I’ve started and abandoned so many blogs in the last five years it’s comical. I struggled mightily with what to call my blog: how do I represent all of the things I want to talk about? I’m a teacher, an ed tech coach, a blogger for makewebvideo.com, a geek who loves to figure out a piece of code or make an onerous task a little less onerous with technology, and with 30+ years in public education, I’m finding that I’ve got a lot to say about education in general.

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Living Life Like a Border Collie

Several years ago, I went through turbulence in my personal life unlike any I had ever faced. The details aren’t important but the lessons learned are something I cherish. Truly, I am grateful for the experience. One of these lessons has been rolling around in my consciousness as a blog post for a while now and as the school year draws to a close and the snow (yes, snow on May 18 in Denver) continues to fall, it seems today is the day to turn the rumblings in my thoughts to words on a screen.

A little background: I absolutely adore border collies. My facebook page is often littered with border collie videos, border collie cartoons, and pictures of my own border collie, Darwin. I’m a little weird about it and I’m okay with that.

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