Tech Tip Tuesday: Grade Transferer

UPDATE: Sept 12, 2019: The huge response of teachers wanting to use this really cool extension to be more efficient and save their sanity has resulted in the need to update the extension. It is not currently available for download/install. The target date for the new and improved extension is Sept 20, 2019.

Ever since Google Classroom debuted, teachers have asked me if there is a way to import grades from Classroom to Infinite Campus. The answer has always been no. Until now. Enter Grade Transferer.

The Chrome extension Grade Transferer now makes it possible to transfer grades from Google Classroom to Infinite Campus, Genesis, Power Teacher Pro, and Aspen (MyFollett).

It’s super-easy to use and although I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, seems completely reliable. The creator, David Polgar, is a former teacher who knows all too well the frustration of getting grades moved from an LMS to a gradebook system. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming, but how many of us have had to re-enter grades multiple times because the names in one system weren’t in the same order as the names in the other? Everyone? Yeah, I thought so.

Below is a quick tutorial video on how to set up and use Grade Transferer. More information can be found on the Grade Transferer site: Grade Transferer. You can find the extension in the chrome web store here: Grade Transferer extension.

On the creator’s site, it says that the extension is undergoing a major update that *may* interfere with the extension’s functionality. The target date for the update to be complete is September 14, 2019. So…if the extension disappears from the chrome store for a few days or acts wonky, that’s why.

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