Tech Tip Tuesday: Copy Link to Highlight

Have you ever wanted to direct someone to a specific place on a webpage? If the page is longer than their browser window, it can be frustrating to tell them to scroll to the correct place – not to mention time-consuming.

Now there’s an easy way to send folks to a specific place!

In your Chrome browser, highlight the desired location, right-click on the highlight, and choose “Copy Link to Highlight.” Share that copied link and your users will be able to quickly navigate to the exact place you want them to see.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Remove Ads from YouTube

Need a quick way to share a YouTube video link with your students that won’t offer the temptations of related videos or the “next up” video when students are finished watching?

You’re going to love how easy this tip is!

  1. Find the video you want on YouTube
  2. Click into the URL of the video in the omnibar
  3. Place a dash after the t in “youtube” like this:
  4. Click at the end of the URL and hit enter/return

If the video plays this way, capture that URL and share it wth your students.

NOTE: some monetized videos will not play this way, so always check by following step 4 above 🙂

Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Classroom Rubrics

Giving students timely and meaningful feedback is one of the more time-consuming tasks for teachers. We know that meaningful feedback is a key driver in students’ willingness to correct their work and make progress towards mastery of a concept, but there really are only 24 hours in a day.

Google Classroom’s rubric feature can help!

You can create and re-use rubrics right from inside Google Classroom. You’ll save time, and at the same time, help your students understand what is required for the standard(s) being addressed.

Check out this video from Google to get started:

Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Classroom Add-Ons

Access more than 15 EdTech tools all with a single login with Classroom add-ons. Teachers can create engaging assignments, and even grade and review work from add-ons, while students can access the tools they need without having to worry about remembering extra passwords and navigating to external websites. Admins can set up each add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace for their district in just a few clicks, enabling teachers and students to use their favorite tools, without having to leave Classroom.

See more about Add-Ons here:

Tech Tip Tuesday: Drop-downs in Google Docs

Google has added a cool feature to Google Docs called Dropdowns. They are super-easy to create and are perfect for all kinds of project management.

I use them in a table for my Ed Tech’Niques poster ideas – one column has the name of the idea, the second column has resources I might want to use, and in the third, I have a drop-down menu for the month we used the idea. works great and it’s super-quick.

Check out this blog post and video from Kasey Bell where she explores 15 ways to use Drop-downs: 15+ Ways to Use Drop-Down Menus in Google Docs

Tech Tip Tuesday: Preview Anything Quickly

Google Drives are a fabulous tool. Access to all of your files on any device any time you need them is one of the best things about the 21st century, if you ask me. BUT… after you’ve used your Google Drive a while, things can get a bit cluttered, Even if you are a master of the advanced searching capabilities, you might find yourself staring at a list of 20 (or more) files all with the words “Unit Plan” in them. Just me?

Well, if it’s you too, I’ve got a great tip for you today.

To see what a document in your Drive contains without opening it up in a new tab, try this:

  1. Click on the file once to select it
  2. Click the “P” on your keyboard
  3. Behold the preview of the document in your same window!

Now you can find the document quickly and you won’t have to close the seven tabs that opened while you were looking for the correct file!