Tech Tip Tuesday: Preview Anything Quickly

Google Drives are a fabulous tool. Access to all of your files on any device any time you need them is one of the best things about the 21st century, if you ask me. BUT… after you’ve used your Google Drive a while, things can get a bit cluttered, Even if you are a master of the advanced searching capabilities, you might find yourself staring at a list of 20 (or more) files all with the words “Unit Plan” in them. Just me?

Well, if it’s you too, I’ve got a great tip for you today.

To see what a document in your Drive contains without opening it up in a new tab, try this:

  1. Click on the file once to select it
  2. Click the “P” on your keyboard
  3. Behold the preview of the document in your same window!

Now you can find the document quickly and you won’t have to close the seven tabs that opened while you were looking for the correct file!

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