Common Core, Cross-Curricular Learning and a really Cool Venn Diagram

Robert Kaplinsky often has interesting thoughts about education. He’s a math teacher by trade and he recently wrote a blog post titled, “How do the Common Core Math, ELA, and Next Gen Science Standards Overlap?”  I *love* the Venn Diagram he shared.

Creating a Venn Diagram for standards holds promise as a concrete way of moving away from the silos that get created when each content area plans in a vacuum. Kids often have the same silos. For instance, how often have we heard some variation of “why are we doing English in science class?” The diagram is a powerful construct for building out true, rigorous learning across curriculums. Take a look:

The Magic is in the Overlap

This Venn Diagram allows you to visualize the overlap that we instinctively know is there. And that’s the beauty – it makes the abstract much more concrete. I wonder what would happen if teachers sat down together and teamed up on a similar Venn Diagram creating adventure? What kind of cool problem-based learning could be taken on with an eye towards where the standards overlap?

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